Proform 1200e

Coming up with a choice on which elliptical trainer to buy is a very difficult job to do. The market is flooded with many commercial models that would sometimes deceive consumers. With the Proform 1200e, you will make the right choice.

The Proform 1200e boasts its stride length. The success of the elliptical trainer relies within its stride length. Unlike commercial models that only offer 18” of stride length, the 20” stride length of the 1200e gives more motion that will make you target more muscle groups and areas.

Changing resistance levels on the elliptical trainer can be a tough thing to do. Increasing resistance means increasing intensity and seriousness on your routines. With the Silent Magnetic Resistance Feature of the Proform 1200e, you’ll never have to be distracted by adjusting resistance levels. The simple touch of the button will make you evade possible injuries and accidents and thus give you more convenience.

You’ll never run out of things to do with Proform 1200e. With its 15 personal trainer programs, you will surely get enough intensive trainings to undergo. These programs are specially designed by fitness experts to tone down, burn calories and target hard to reach areas. With it you’ll never be outdated with the top of the line training sessions.

The oversized pedals of the Proform 1200e adds comfort to the users. Oversized pedals would make the users position their foot to a comfortable manner in order for them to have a good stance in working out. The pedals are also guaranteed to get a good grip on the user’s footwear to avoid slipping and possible accidents while working out.

With the amazing features and functions of the Proform 1200e, you’ll never be deprived with the workouts that you deserve. Having this trainer is a smart investment for your health. What are you waiting for? Hop on and start striding.

ProForm 10.0 ZE Elliptical

The ProForm 10.0 ZE Elliptical is the most popular ProForm elliptical
that comes at a great price. Its adjustable stride lengths let you choose
from 13, 15, or 18 inches so you can get different elliptical patterns and
target different muscles.

With an iFit card reader, you can add even more interactive workouts for a wide variety and
refreshing pick every time you work out. 

Very few ellipticals fold up like treadmills. The ProForm 10.0 ZE Elliptical is one that does. It 
lets you save floor space, so if you don't have plenty of room, you can always fold it up when you're done
and store it easily.

In addition to the iFit workouts, you get 8 built-in workouts designed by a professional trainer
to maximize calorie burning and weight loss. This elliptical automatically adjusts the resistance
throughout your workout.

Slip-resistant, over-sized foot pedals allow you to change into different foot positions and
gives you the stability when exercising.

A blue-tinted LCD window with priority display lets you track your workout progress as
you exercise. A 5x7-inch workout matrix displays your workout graphically and lets
you choose which readings to appear on the display so you'll have the information you want
right when you want it.

Heart Rate grip sensors are built right into the stationary handlebars so you can monitor whether
you are within your target heart rate.

An iPod dock lets you rock to your favorite tunes.

Keep yourself cool and comfortable with its built-in fan while you work out.